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Get solutions to problems like Amazon product cancellation, refund, order like this! See Amazon Customer Service Help Number

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what is Amazon customer service phone number : How to get information about Amazon customer service phone number through today’s article post. We are going to tell you above that, many times after purchasing any online product through Amazon, there are many problems that need to be dealt with with immediate effect like order cancellation, product refund policy, or Amazon order delivery. are But how can a new customer get a quick solution to all these problems occurring on Amazon?

What Is Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

And this article post is being prepared to provide all the solutions to the problems they face in finding the Amazon customer care helpline phone number. Many times, due to the old helpdesk number being closed or dialing the Amazon help center number or any other company’s customer care number directly through Google, you may get cheated.

Therefore, you should check yourself whether the company from which you are going to get help has a help desk number or not. Because such frauds are happening very fast in the market.

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Amazon customer service phone number

Amazon customer service phone number : For information about Amazon customer service service phone number, you should visit the official website of Amazon only. Apart from this, you also get help desk information through Amazon’s official mobile application. You have to download the correct Amazon mobile application through Google Play Store.

By the way, Amazon’s business is spread all over the world. Depending on which country you are from, Amazon has prepared a separate Help Country facility for that country. Therefore, always make sure that apart from the official website, you keep the information only through the mobile application and the provided Amazon customer service phone number or Amazon Help Desk Chat.

Amazon.com customer service phone number

If you want to get the Amazon customer service phone number information now then check out the following information given by me:

  • First of all, use the official website or mobile application of www.amazon.com through Google search.
  • After visiting the official website, go to your dashboard.
  • For further assistance regarding any product, you will be directly redirected to a new page using the link https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/contact-us.
  • Where you will see two options in which ‘Chat right now’ and ‘Have us call you’ will be given.
  • If you have any common problem then you can get information through Chat.
  • Additionally, you can book an appointment for a problem-based resolution call on the mobile number provided by you while creating a new Amazon account.
  • After this, you will be contacted on this number by the Amazon customer service team and your problems will be resolved.

Amazon customer service phone number for amazon products

  • If you want to troubleshoot issues with any of your products, you will need to log in to your dashboard.
  • You have to click on the Your Order link present in the upper menu bar of the website.
  • Now the complete details of the product ordered by you will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the product with which you are having problem.
  • Where you get to see many options.
  • But select the option related to the product related to help desk there.
  • Where you will be given some simple steps, read and understand them accordingly, you can contact customer service support or complain regarding your problems.

Finally, save yourself the trouble of reaching out to Amazon customer service support by using a mobile number or email ID obtained through another business. According to this, instead of solving your problems, some fraud may happen to you. To solve any kind of problem, you should visit the official website of Amazon only. How did you like this article? Please comment and share it.

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